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Fit Me Patterns Privacy Policy

Usage: For Fit Me Patterns

In this Privacy Statement:

"personal information" means information about an identifiable individual, but does not include the name, title or business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization.

"Fit Me" means Fit Me Patterns.

At Fit Me, we recognize that as a member, partner or client, you may be providing us with personal information, including your name, address, measurements, credit card information and related information. With this in mind, Fit Me has developed this Privacy Statement in compliance with relevant privacy legislation, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ("PIPEDA").

Our Privacy Officer

We have designated an individual at Fit Me to be responsible for the day-to-day care of personal information in our control and our compliance with this Privacy Statement (the "Privacy Officer"). You may contact the Privacy Officer at Fit Me, in writing, at any time if you require further clarification on this Privacy Statement or to make a request for access to your personal information.

How to Contact the Privacy Officer:


Send your letter marked "Attention: Privacy Officer" to
Uniquely Yours, LLC / Fit Me Patterns
424 Main Street
Canon City, CO

Please mark your envelope as "Confidential".

Contact us via Email to setup an appointment to fax.

How We Process Personal Information Access Requests

Step 1: Requests for personal information must be made in writing to the email, mailing address or fax number above.

Step 2: Fit Me will respond to your inquiry within 30 days of receipt of the letter or email. Fit Me may furnish you with the requested information or provide a notice of extension. Fit Me reserves the right to sever information from personal information provided to you if, for example, such information may interfere with or harm Fit Me or its employees, directors, officers, partners or associated businesses or in some way or reveal confidential commercial information.

Some information requested may have an associated cost for retrieval and provision. If there is a cost for the information you have requested, you will be advised within the first 30 days of such costs. Costs must be paid in full before personal information is released to you.

Step 3: Prior to releasing personal information to you, Fit Me reserves the right to confirm your identity. Identification may be confirmed with either of the following;

(a) photo identification – 1 piece of photo identification; or

(b) a signed document – A signed document or item with the individual's signature must be provided with a photograph.
In addition to the above, proof of residence must be provided. This may include a driver 's license or similar document. Emailed digital photographs of identification will not be accepted, but Fit Me will accept clear photocopies or scans of the above documents as proof of identity.

Fit Me will only use the above identity documents for the purpose of confirming your identity. By complying with the above procedures, you consent to this process.


Fit Me is committed to ensuring that you are aware of why your personal information is being collected, how your personal information is being used, and for what reason your personal information may be disclosed. To this end, we will use all reasonable efforts to provide information to you on how your personal information will be used by us as well as to obtain your consent when you provide us with personal information.

As well, we may periodically request confirmation from you to ensure that the personal information collected and maintained by us is up-to-date and accurate and that we have your continuing consent for the use or attention of your personal information.

Fit Me may collect, use or disclose your personal information, without notice to you, only if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to:

(a) conform to obligations imposed by law or statutes;
(b) meet an emergency need; and/or
(c) as required pursuant to a criminal investigation.
If the purposes for collecting, using and disclosing your personal information differ from those purposes listed below, we will advise you, either by amending this Privacy Statement and notifying you of the amendment, or by seeking your further consent.

Personal Information Collected and Used by Fit Me

Fit Me collects the personal information for the following limited purposes:

(a) to establish and maintain member lists;
(b) to establish and maintain mailing lists;
(c) to provide you with services and information you have requested from Fit Me;
(d) for billing and accounting purposes;
(e) to market new products and services to you; and
Through our web sites, we may track length of Internet sessions, general geographic location where you have arrived from on the Internet and other related data, all in an effort to make your time on-line with us better and faster. Information tracked through our web sites may be is not re-sold in individually identifiable form or used in any way other than for the purpose stated herein.

A person becomes a "member" of Fit Me when he or she pays the current posted membership fee to Fit Me. This membership is considered lifetime, unless the member requests a refund or cancellation of his or her active status. However, unless a member withdraws his or her consent, personal information regarding that member is kept on record with Fit Me indefinitely, even if that person cancels or deactivates his or her membership.

Member information or information from people scanned by Fit Me’s Body Scanner may be used in aggregate format for re-sale (as detailed below) or for development of other Fit Me products and services, including research and development needs.

Fit Me may from time to time collected additional personal information such as physical characteristics that impact the creation of custom-fit patterns. As indicated above, unless you withdraw your consent with us, Fit Me retains all historical measurement data and additional information collected from you indefinitely, for the purposes of its business operations.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We do not rent, sell or re-sell any of our member’s personal information in individually identifiable form to other parties, without your consent.

We disclose personal information to third parties in the following situations:
(a) where you have specifically given us consent to disclose your personal information for a specific purpose;
(b) who are acting on behalf of Fit Me as our agents, suppliers, or services providers, solely to enable us to more efficiently provide you with information and services;
(c) to determine your suitability for credit;
(d) [other parties as necessary].
(e) as required by law or in order to protect a legal interest; or
(f) in connection with a corporate reorganization, merger or amalgamation with another entity, or a sale of all or a
substantial portion of the assets of Fit Me, provided that the information disclosed continues to be used for the purposes stated above by the entity acquiring that personal information.
Personal information in individually identifiable form is not sold, transferred, leased or rented to a third party by Fit Me. However, Fit Me may, from time-to-time, sell aggregate data to a third party. Fit Me identifies “aggregate data” as being information relating to 3 or more Fit Me members; excluding names and residential addresses (geographical area may be provided).

Fit Me does not store or record an individual’s credit card information from on-line or off-line purchases, unless specifically requested by the individual. Credit card information that is requested to be kept on file is not stored in a publicly available physical or electronic format. Fit Me uses all reasonable measure to securely store credit card information.

As indicated above, Fit Me may, from time-to-time, use the services of third parties, who may be required to deal with personal information collected by Fit Me. In that event, we will enter into legal agreements which require these third parties to protect your personal information in a manner acceptable to us. In entering into such agreements, Fit Me does not transfer any interest in your personal information to these third parties. Rather, the purpose of these agreements is to ensure that your personal information delivered to third parties is maintained at a level of security comparable to that provided by Fit Me.

Retention and Destruction of Personal Information

Fit Me retains all information relative to Fit Me members, including historical data such as product ordering history and measurement changes over time, for an indefinite period. Fit Me may from time to time choose to destroy such data. When data is destroyed it is done so in a permanent, secure and private manner. Fit Me will not notify an individual of the destruction of his or her personal information.

Protection of Member Data

Personal information collected by Fit Me can be in either a digital format and/or paper format and Fit Me takes all reasonable measures to safeguard such information. For security reasons, Fit Me does not publicly identify its security procedures.

In general, for protection of personal information in digital form, Fit Me utilizes separated databases, RAID with virus and firewall protection and various levels of multiple firewalls and SSL encryption. Access to personal information in paper format is controlled.

In addition, all officers, employees, licensees or business partners of Fit Me have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements and all officers and employees of Fit Me are bound to keep company information confidential, including personal information of members and customers of Fit Me.

Withdrawal of Consent to Collect Personal Information

By joining Fit Me as a member or purchasing a product or service from Fit Me, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement, and the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for the purposes outlined above. However, you may elect to withdraw consent of use of your personal information at any time. The procedure for withdrawal is as follows:

1. Please send a written request to the Privacy Officer, marked "Confidential" to the address listed in the above.
2. Written notice must indicate why you are making such a request.
3. Please provide proof of identity as indicated above.
Such withdrawal of consent may have one or all of the following implications:

1. An individual who was a member may have to pay a new membership fee if he or she wishes to rejoin Fit Me as a member at a later date.
2. The individual’s measurement data and other personal information will be deleted from Fit Me’s records and the individual may have to provide new information.
3. Any credit established with Fit Me will be eliminated.
Fit Me will notify the individual in writing of the deletion of his or her personal information.

Challenging Compliance

Our Privacy Officer will receive and respond to all information requests regarding our Privacy Policy and about personal information under our care and control. In addition, the Privacy Officer shall respond to any challenge concerning compliance with our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about personal information that is collected and maintained by us, please contact our Privacy Officer. Where you can demonstrate that an error in the accuracy or completeness of your personal information exists, Fit Me will amend your personal information appropriately. When a challenge is not resolved to your satisfaction, then we will, with your consent, destroy your personal information under our care and control. If we are unable to provide you with access to all of the personal information we hold about you, then the reasons for the denial of such access will be provided to you. Though this Privacy Statement, Fit Me affirms our commitment to the protection of your personal information. For more information regarding this Privacy Statement, our personal information handling practices or to obtain access to personal information that we have collected from you, please contact our Privacy Officer, in writing, at the contacts listed above.