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Education Articles

  • We want all your sewing experiences to be the most successful they can be. Whether you are learning something new or just looking for a refresher, these articles provide you with tips and ideas to help you along the way.

  • Stop PDF Fabric Fitting (PDF, 73Kb)
    No matter how well a pattern fits your body, it is always important to fabric fit. This article talks about how to fabric fit so your pattern will fit exactly how you want it to.
  • Stop PDF Making Ease Easy (PDF, 67Kb)
    Unique's patterns are unique in that they have the amount of ease listed for each garment. This makes choosing patterns easy; that is if you know how much ease you prefer. This article tells you all you need to know about ease so you can choose patterns...with ease!
  • Stop PDF The Virtues of Darts (PDF, 56Kb)
    Darts are a necessary part of a well-fitting garment. Sewers have often avoided darts because they can make items look homemade, but a dart well-stitched and pressed is a great fitting aid that will enhance the look and feel of your garment.
  • PDF Body Code (PDF, 770Kb)
    Learn how to determine your own body code.
  • PDF Lumpless Collars Part 1 (PDF, 258Kb)
    Learn how to create a lumpless collar.
  • PDF Lumpless Collars Part 2 (PDF, 376Kb)
    This technique will guide you through attaching the collar to your garments.
  • PDF Moveable Darts (PDF, 64Kb)
    Learn why you might want to move darts, and how to do it.
  • PDF All About Interfacing (PDF, 50Kb)
    Do you get overwhelmed with all the choices for interfacing out there? This article offers great information every sewer should know about choosing interfacing.
  • PDF Decorative Zipper (PDF, 57Kb)
    Using zippers decoratively in your garments can be a fun and interesting way to change the look of a pattern. Learn some techniques for adding zippers for a great design element on your garment.
  • PDF Designer Pockets (PDF, 51Kb)
    Learn how to enhance your projects with designer pockets that make your garment truly unique.
  • PDF Pressing Essentials (PDF, 62Kb)
    Make any sewing project easier by learning more about these pressing essentials.
  • PDF The Fibres Unknown Test (PDF, 47Kb)
    Ever ask yourself "what is this mystery fabric made of"? The Fibres Unknown Test will show you how to determine what your unidentified fibre fabric is.
  • PDF Special Techniques (PDF, 47Kb)
    Do you find working with plaids tricky? This article is filled with great tips to make working with plaids less challenging.
  • PDF Seam Finishes (PDF, 45Kb)
    Seam finishes offer a great way to add an additional design element to your sewing project. This article outlines a number of different seam finishes to enhance your garment.
  • PDF Personal Ease Chart (PDF, 76Kb)
  • get adobe reader You will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view the education articles.