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Sewing Insider Archives

These Feet Were Made for Sewin!
So many times I have met people who have perfectly lovely sewing machines and when you talk to them they all have the same complaint - “I have all these feet that go with this machine and I don’t know what to do with them”. Accessory sewing feet are designed to make the task at hand go easier and learning how and where to use them can actually make sewing more fun! Here are tips for the most common feet, plus some of my favorites. More >

Quick and Easy Tree Skirt
One of the projects I get the most requests for this time of year is a "nice" Tree Skirt. Well, here is "The Simplest Tree Skirt Ever!". More >

Sewing Machine Care
Learn 5 easy ways to extend the life of your machine! More >

Straight to the Point - All About Needles
If you think all needles look alike once you’ve taken them out of the package you are not alone. Most sewers would like to "sharpen up" on some sewing machine needle facts. Here are some “pointers” to guide you in what needle to use for each project you sew along with some tips to help you along the way. More >

Interfacing 101
Believe it or not, some sewers view interfacing as an extra when they are sewing and consider it a step that they can skip over because it is not important. Nothing could be further from the truth! More >

Sewing with Fleece
Stay warm and cozy this winter in your new fleece garments! More >

Inserting Buttonhole Elastic into Waistbands
This tip gives you instructions on how to insert buttonhole elastic in waistbands of existing and newly constructed garments to keep your clothes fitting well while you are losing weight. More >

Sewing with Jersey knits

Soft, supple knits such as jersey knits continue to be not only fashionable but functional this season.

More >

Introducing Scrubs
Unique is pleased to offer a new group of patterns especially for those of you who work in the healthcare sector. More >

Fun Summer Accessories
No time for major sewing projects this summer? Update your look by adding a few quick-to-sew accessories to your wardrobe. More >

Quick Summer Sewing Tips and Tricks
Summer can be a busy time in your home. With working, family gatherings, vacations and the kids out of school, it may seem that there is little time for sewing. More >

Snappy Seam Finishes
Sprin is a time for change and growth. Expand the use of your favorite Unique patterns by changing the seam technique or seam finish used. More >

Bound Buttonholes
We are more than ready to give up the bulky winter jackets, but still need to ward off that little chill or breeze in the air. A new jacket will add a little spring boost to your wardrobe. Add distinction to your jacket by using bound buttonholes. More >

Easy Sleeve Easing - Part 2
A continuation from February’s tip, Easy Sleeve Easing. For tailored and professional-looking sleeves, finish them with sleeve heads, shoulder pads and interfaced hems. More >

Easy Sleeve Easing
A poorly set-in sleeve can scream homemade from across the room. Follow these steps to sew smooth, professional-looking sleeves. More >

Gathered Top Pocket
Tired of regular old patch pockets? Try these pockets - great for a robe because the elasticized pockets will help keep objects in place so you can find them later! More >

Lacy New Year's Tank
Who can resist a scrumptious lacy top for New Years Eve? If you can't, now is the time to start planning it! More >

Holiday Sewing
. When the weather is a little cooler and your gardens are ready for winter, why not turn to the relaxation of sewing? And, it's only eight weeks until all the parties and outings of the holiday season begin! More >

Matching fleeces to your garment
Whether your nights are merely cool or your days are downright cold, fleece is a wonderful fabric for a warm and cozy garment. Matching the proper type of fleece to your choice of garment is the first step to a successful project. More >

Embellishing with Stamps and Rhinestones
In this tip, we will teach you how to embellish those tanks and jeans to add a little bling to your clothes. More >

Jeans Hems with a Store-Bought Look
We’ve all been there. You know, at the sewing machine hemming up a pair of jeans. And while the finished product is good (you’re a bang-up topstitcher!), it doesn’t quite look like the hem that was there before. More >

Eliminating a Zipper
This month’s tip will show you how to eliminate the zipper altogether! More >

Moving a Zipper to a New Location
With the following instructions you will be able to take your center back zipper and make a side seam zipper. More >

Choosing a Sewing Machine Needle
Having the right sewing machine needle for the job is like having the right chocolate at the right time.  Smooth and relaxing. More >

How to Sew a French Seam
When sewing sheer fabric, like a blouse or lightweight duster that is see-through, take a little more time and bind the raw edges or use a french seem. More >

Shoulder Pads
When we’re looking for a short cut, either in terms of time or money, sometimes we’re tempted to skip the shoulder pads. Don’t do that! More >

Let’s Mention Tension
Most of us get quite tense when we have to deal with the tension on our sewing machines. More >

Sewing with Stretch Wovens
One of the more popular fabrics in ready-made clothing is stretch-woven fabric. From summer dresses to classic suits, stretch-wovens have found their place in our wardrobes. More >

Beading / Storing Buttons
With the ferocity of winter behind us and the promise of a sunny spring ahead, many of us turn our thoughts to sprucing up our summer wardrobes or adding a bit of glimmer to our Easter outfit. More >

Stitching with Twin Needles
At this time of year, so many of us love to make fleece garments. The rich colors and great patterns combine to make these garments warm and fashionable. More >