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Sewing Insider Tips

print One of the projects I get the most requests for this time of year is a "nice" Tree Skirt. Well, here is "The Simplest Tree Skirt Ever!". It looks very elegant yet upon closer inspection is actually just a panel of fabric gathered in with a decorative cord in the casing. I have used a glittery Gold Halo Thread in the serger for the decorative rolled edge but still had to use the sewing machine for the casing. If you have a sewing machine only, you can use a small hem on all sides and embellish with a beautiful trim along the bottom edge.

tree skirt

Supplies Required:
  • 1.5 m of 60"/ 150cm wide fabric or 3 m of 45"/ 115cm wide fabric
  • 3m of ½" wide cording
  • Decorative Thread (I used Halo serger thread)
  • Thread to match

  1. If fabric is 60" wide: Cut fabric in half down the center lengthwise (so you have 2 panels 30" x 1.5m). Stitch the two panels together so you have one long piece – 30" x 3 m. If fabric is 45" wide: Trim fabric down to 30" wide.
  2. If you are using a Serger, set it up for a 2 thread or 3 thread rolled edge (Refer to Owner's Manual for Set-up). For the 2 thread rolled edge, the decorative thread goes in the Lower Looper. For the 3 thread rolled edge, the decorative thread goes in the Upper Looper. Roll hem around all four sides of the panel. If you do not have a Serger, fold and press ¼" along all sides, then fold and press ¼" again along all sides. Stitch in place.
  3. For casing, fold and press down 4" along the top edge of the panel. Stitch the first seam line 3 ½" from the fold, then stitch a second seam line 2 ½" from the fold.
  4. Insert cord into casing. Knot ends of cords.
  5. Pull cord to adjust the gathers on your tree skirt.

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    Sewing Insider Tips